#33/34 Day Seven/Eight Sunday-Monday Sleepover

Reached here at 1.50, had to wait to 2.45 to even get in the bus.

Bala and Dik Ken enjoying the view.

The Kelana Jaya Stadium.

Surrounded by tall buildings nearby.

Game finally started at 4pm. Starts to get hot.

One of the Malaysian players injured, temporarily.

Bought RM5 worth of nuggets, that’s 15 nuggets.

Finally going home after the game ended. 1 – 1, Malaysia team was better overall.

Walking to the bus, lines of orange.

Took this picture while waiting for the bus, DAMN chink eyes.

Steamed fish , with a massive pot.

Satisfying meal by my aunt and uncle.

SLEEPOVER BEGINS. Dota + Gears of War 2 (10.41pm).

Game faces.

OOOOO, Just look at those twoooo (11.04pm).

The amount of snacks available.

Snack devouring beasts.


Roshan laughing at Dik Ken, for some reason.

Arsenal supporters stopped watching after 60th minute.(12.04am)

A Dota game after the game.(12.11am)

Then Paranormal Activity. (2.45am – YES I KNOW ITS A GREAT TIME TO WATCH)

Followed by Austin Powers.(4.20am)

Dik Ken after smoking some weed.

Still happy people, and Bala still humping my bed.
Where’s Mark? He slept there all night.

They should go to sleep. SHOOULLDD. (6.05am)

People amused by an air humidifier. (6.11am)

Attempted to take a picture of sunrise, Failed obviously. (6.15am – We slept at 7)

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